Yigit Pura

Yigit Pura breaks down the gum Quickfire Challenge, and elaborates on Craig's almost-elimination.

on Sep 8, 2011

Hi sweets, 

Another whirlwind episode for our chefs this week, and the complaining gets more and more intense. Happy up people, trust me, if you let people get to you, it will get to you.

This weeks Quickfire Challenge was to design a a flavor for a stick of gum, correction, a $25,000 stick of gum. Talk about motivation. As with working from a retail perspective, in designing a flavor for a national client you need to think about what will be creative enough, but can still appeal to a massive audience.

Craig, Craig. Pancakes remind you of carbs, and getting fat. It’s not what you want to be chewing on. Or maybe that’s just me -- I really can’t stand pancakes. I’m a French toast guy.  

Melissa, we chew gum to get rid of coffee breath. Automatically, it seems like a backwards effort.  

I really like the pina colada approach and Carlo’s coconut-passion fruit tapioca idea with the textures of flavor in the gum to reflect on tapioca…. My favorite however was definitely Sally’s with the Passion Fruit. Tart, fruity, and sweet. I’d buy that in a heartbeat. But what do I know, Craig wins with his breakfast of champions, and good for him. I think this competition has been rough for him so far, and I’m sure a 25K is a great win for his spirits. I mean, imagine the things he can buy when he gets back home. I’m channeling my sister Zac Young right now -- I know exactly what he would say.

Now for the actual challenge. To design a concept for the Lisa Vanderpump. Again, let’s keep our client in mind. Clean, chic, and feminine, and I assume she doesn’t want to put anything in her mouth that makes her obviously aware of how many calories she’s consuming, so mask the heavy cream and the butter well guys….