Gael Greene

Gael Greene breaks down the competition.

on May 13, 2010

But poor Jonathan never quite recovered from the shock of having to work with duck tongues. I hardly blame him. I’ve never had a duck tongue I considered worth eating. It has that ugly and inconvenient little cartilage right in the middle. The passion for duck tongues is another of those untranslatable Chinese fixations, I’m afraid.

Some of the disparate items on Jonathan’s plate were good but I thought the parts were better than the sum … and I thought the mess would make him the loser. Actually I gave Jonathan, Jody and Marcus the same not-too-mean-not-too-generous score, a three. And it broke my heart to see Jody go.  She had been so modest and assuming, so brave and resourceful … a real winner till this challenge.  I must admit I almost wept to see her face … another woman sent to pack her knives. 

Gael Greene.’gaelgreene