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Gael Greene

A Shocking Outcome

Several weeks ago when he was feeding wedding guests or tailgaters and hanging on by the flick of a paring knife I could not have imagined Marcus Samuelsson would be the triumphant Top Chef master and take home the $100,000 prize. What a shock it...
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Food of the Gods

There is still a lot of genuine camaraderie among the five surviving Top Chef Masters as they compete to see who has the keenest palate in tonight’s warmup competition. You can see it at the beginning this week And you see it at the end as they...
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Tailgating Tales

Speaking as a viewer of the current Top Chef Masters I stopped feeling sorry for Susur Lee when I heard him belittling Carmen for being female on the Wedding Challenge and watched him harassing good-natured Tony. These kitchen dramas are hidden...
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Scary Surf and Turf

Yes, the chefs are all masters but it takes a challenge like cooking up something brilliant with “exotic” if not terrifying ingredients to stagger even a master chef.  ...
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Catering to the Bride and Groom

My first thought was what bride and groom would surrender the details of their wedding dinner to an unspecified whimsically selected cooking crew at the last minute…. And my next thought was, "Why not?" All it takes is faith in our food-obsessed...
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All in the Family: The Rivalry Heats Up

Since we judges are normally stashed away in coolers during QuickFire I had no idea how shocked and devastated Susur Lee was by his flameout. As we watch him tackling the fruit, he is so sure of his superior knife skills that he is convinced his...
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Hiccups! Cocktails and Pub Grub

I eat. I drink. I’ve been eating and drinking professionally for 42 years now so I always have an opinion. But maybe I wasn’t the best person to join the Orange County Housewives in judging this week’s Masters class reunion Quickfire, The chefs...
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