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Harold Dieterle

Viva Las Vegas

Let's start with the season premiere. First of all, enjoying the season so far. In the first episode, they started right off the bat with the mise-en-place relay race. I didn't see anyone really stand out and blow me away, but it was a nice little...
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Michael Got Hosed

I thought that the whole finale was interesting. It was such a long meal and it's amazing how it was cut and how it was just like, I can have distinct descriptions of each meal because it was so good. For me that first round was Michael's. That...
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Let's get caught up on last week's episode first. The Burger Quickfire.  What did I think of those burgers? I was really surprised Anita went there with that soup. I liked the fact that she goes for it, but sometimes it's a little too out there. I...
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Uncle Jonathan Got Hosed

All I have to say for last week, is Uncle Jonathan got f—king hosed. He’s Uncle Jonathan. Because of him, we all are where we are today, because he started it. He’s the first rock star. He’s Uncle Jonathan. He’s one of my dear and closest friends....
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Love It

First, the quickfire challenge. I won this in Season One, re-imagining junk food. Michael was the only one who had a real representation of the dish. I don't know what Rick was doing. He was obviously doing something, but he didn't make it to the...
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Cooking Brunch Sucks

OK -- first I want to catch up on last week's episode. My favorite offal is probably duck tongue. think it tastes kind of like chicken. You’ve got to blanch it, pop out the little bit of cartilage in it. I pop that out. And then I deep-fry it and...
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