Harold Dieterle

'Top Chef' Season 1 winner Harold Dieterle gives his take on this week's 'Masters' episode.

on Jul 8, 2009

If he knew he needed more time to set the sorbet ahead of time, then he probably shouldn’t have done that or it’s one of those things, just to do it for a little bit of show, he could have had the sorbet already set up inside the bowl and then add the table portion while liquid nitrogen in there and stir it in- just so you still have that effect, because that’s what he’s looking for. Why not have the sorbet already set up. Guests aren’t going to know the difference.

Doug's was entertaining, watching him rub Sterno on the outside of the coconut and then light it up. I’m not really sure what he was thinking but again he kind of went for it. The duck looked overcooked to me but when food sits around, who knows. I take my duck very seriously.
But God bless him I was like “You’ve got to be kidding me; and you’re going to light it up and put it on the table.” What happens when the fire goes down?

Anita is a legit chef. People ask me what I think of her food. Her restaurant is on my top five list of restaurants to eat at. I really dig her place. It’s really nice. She’s just really talented. She’s serious about her food. She’s really good. It’s a little intimidating for me; she’s around the corner from me — that’s major competition over there.

The competition so far is pretty ridiculous. Part of me wishes that I were cooking with these guys. The talent is ridiculous.

I'm not really surprised by the problems the chefs are facing. It’s got to be tough. And I remember my first time on camera I was shaking like crazy. So there’s that build up until where I found my groove and they don’t really have that. It’s like, boom you do quick-fire, boom you do the elimination challenge, and if your stuff is not perfect, you’re done. But I’ve seen a lot of amateur mistakes that I’m sure if these chefs were sitting at home watching TV, they’d be like “These guys are a joke.” But then it’s not too easy when you’re in front of the camera.

- Harold