Harold Dieterle

'Top Chef's' Season 1 winner gives his take on the last two episodes.

on Aug 12, 2009

Now let's talk this week. In the Top Chef Masters taste test quickfire it looked like they didn't really know much. But if you go back and look at the Season 1Top Chef taste test, we got hosed. The ingredients they pulled out for us were so ridiculously hard and the things they pull out now are like corn and soy sauce and I'm thinking, seriously? They made that challenge a lot better, however, the elimination challenge was tough. I was having flashbacks to the wedding challenge with that one.

I can't go through the chefs mind and figure out why they chose their sous-chefs, but if it was me, I would have been happy to cook with any of them. Honestly. I was surprised by Michael and the way he spoke to Dale though. I'm not saying Dale's not a little hotheaded too though...

With my sous-chefs, everyone needs to spread their wings. That being said, it's a different situation because I've worked with him for five years. He knows my style, and I know his style. This is a situation where you're with people you've never worked with before and you don't know very much about them. You say "make food that's going to represent me" and I'm not sure I would have been any different than Michael. On the flip side, if Richard's avocado ice cream hadn't worked, Rick looks bad. It's a catch 22. It can happen to work out when you're trusting someone else, but if it doesn't work out then it's like, why are you letting people down? It's a double edged sword.

A little taste of the finale... I think it's gonna be a good battle. Three different chefs with three different styles who have really dominated all through the competition. It's gonna be a lot of fun.