Jay Rayner

Jay Rayner describes the chemistry between the judges as well as the first set of chef pairings.

on Apr 6, 2010

Both Tony Mantuano’s pasta dish and Susan Feniger’s black pepper shrimp actually were great. (Curiously they intended us to eat them the other way round, but we were certain the black pepper shrimp would have obliterated the flavour of the pasta and instinctively did it our way).  All of which encouraged me in the belief that the food on a date doesn’t actually make much difference. If the chemistry is right, if you fancy each other, you will bond as quickly over bad food as you will over good.

Happily the chemistry at our table was spot-on, which was very good thing – because we were going to be spending an awful lot of time at the same table together. I hope you’ll come along for the trip.

Jay Rayner is the author of The Man Who Ate The World: In search of the perfect dinner, published by Henry Holt. Follow him on twitter @jayrayner1