Kelly Choi

Rick Bayless had Kelly at mole.

on Aug 20, 2009

Your Future as a Chef

Of the final three dishes, Michael’s tender short ribs arrested my palate. When the waiters brought out his plate, what you, dear reader, didn’t see was Michael wafting smoldering branches of cabernet cuttings through the air. It was all a part of his love for storytelling and setting the mood for his food. But his meat didn’t need the prelude. It was savory fall-off-the-bone delicious, and his five-onion cavolo nero which accompanied it was hearty good.

Top Chef Master!

Before I announced the winner, everyone was visibly excited. What an intense and full-on experience it had been, and all of us – the critics, the entire crew, and the competitors — had grown close in a short amount of time. For the chefs, the finale wasn’t a Clash of the
Titans but more like a celebration of their careers and futures. Mexican maestro Rick Bayless was the winner! And the Gods were very proud.

P.S. As an aside, I thought it was funny how everywhere I went, ladies (and some men) confessed to me that they had crushes on the finalists. I sat in on more than a handful of conversations and debates about which Master was the hottest / handsomest / cutest. Who knew our three master chefs would become such heartthrobs? And more importantly, who is your crush?

How do you feel about our Master chef?

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P.P.S. - Thanks everyone, so much for your support thus far. I had the time of my life in the presence of such passionate and inspiring artists doing what they do best. Yes, the food was staggeringly good at times and disappointing at others, but ultimately, I learned so much from watching all of the chefs pushing and perservering and relishing what they love to do most. I was the princess in this wonderful fairy tale dream!