Kelly Choi

Kelly Choi talks about her first experiences on the set.

on Jul 22, 2009

The chipper culinary students who judged the Elimination meal were, of course, incredibly psyched to eat our four maestros' fare. Everyone loved Art’s generous plate of fried chicken two ways, and his petite bowl of mango pie with the simple sugar crust was a spot-on dessert. It was Southern perfection, y’all.

Jonathan’s pork chop and sausage with creamy celery root puree was, indeed, ugly as hell, but as crude as it looked, it tasted equally as good. It cracked me up how much he was pining about the days when he could see better. Jonathan, I have a good lasik doctor to tell you about, call me.

And Roy, your slower-paced yet thoughtful method wasn’t best suited for this challenge, but your lemongrass kalbi was tasty, and your chivalrous elegance impressed us all.

As for Michael, next time I’m in LA, I am so all over Providence for the catch of the day. People, if you live in southern Cali and haven’t been, just GO.

Since shooting TC Masters, I’ve seen Jonathan and Michael at various foodie events, and my heart instantly melted each time. Just can’t help it. My freshman class didn’t bring me an apple on our first day, but they left a taste in my mouth that was sweeter than any forbidden