Kelly Choi

Grilled Cheese sandy enthusiast Kelly reflects on her first QC tasting.

on Apr 15, 2010


Finally, my Quickfire Tasting cherry has been popped!

After hosting almost a dozens episodes of Top Chef Masters where the culinary gods cooked their tantalizing food for our Quickfire judges, this time, their task was to create versions of the humble grilled cheese sandwich for just one diner: ME.

Why was I so excited for this? Because usually come Quickfire tasting time, I don’t get to sample the food. Maybe you haven’t noticed because this footage get whacked, but during the Quickfires, I’m asking our diners questions and trying to illicit some telling comments from them, so eating isn’t an option for me.

But not this time!

The call for our Masters in this Quickfire was to invent a divine grilled cheese sandwich, their very personal adaptation of an American Classic. A grilled cheese sandy can be interpreted in so many ways that the task is actually a daunting challenge. Which cheese or cheeses should one use? What about the bread? What else to put in between the slices of bread, if anything at all? Too many options can lead to gustatory disaster.

Luckily for me, it didn’t. Not by a long shot. When I burst into the Masters kitchen to call time, I was crazy hungry, and my taste buds were ready to be dazzled.

Up first was Carmen Gonzalez.