Team Top Chef's Editor thinks maybe the 'Simpsons' guys should be judges every week!

May 12, 2010

I hate to admit it -- but I can't recall one entire episode of The Simpsons that I've watched. But that didn't stop me from being super-excited about the Simpsons tie-in in this week's episode; I am a student of pop culture after all. For the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs had to create dishes fit for Simpsons characters' appetites. I really hope we/production gave the chefs some sort of clue as to what the characters like, but honestly, judging from their descriptions of what they chose to make, it sounded like that didn't happen, which made this challenge kind of hard. Susur had no clue until someone (was it Jonathan?) drew him a pretty amusing caricature of Marge. On a sidenote: how endearing was Susur's description of watching Bewitched as a child? I used to watch it too.

Anyway, as I said, I think some of the chefs' interpretations were real stretches. My favorites theme-wise were probably Jody's because she knew to make a vegetarian dish for Lisa and Marcus because I giggled whenever he said "Apu," which is obviously grounds for a high score. I wonder what one of the chefs would have made if they pulled "Maggie." How does one make an edible pacifier?!

Although Susur's use of blue potatoes was cool, I thought his edible illustration was just too literal a translation. Also, one moment that really left an impression on me was when Susur used Tony's bacon fat. If they hadn't been Masters, say, this had happened on Top Chef proper, it would have been a much different situation. There would have been a serious argument. Also, what was with Rick Moonen's shphitzing?! Anyeone else have flashbacks of Howie from Top Chef: Miami?

Although I'm not a huge Simpsons junkie, I know all the characters and got a huge kick out of hearing Hank Azaria's impressions. 'Member this?:


The writers and actors know those characters inside and out and it's so nice to hear how the writers' process for rounding out their characters. Jonathan Waxman hit the nail on the head by saying how obvious it is that Matt, Matt, and Hank still have so much fun with the characters after all this time. What great judges they turned out to be! They didn't get angry when the chefs were slightly off the mark but really tried to understand what the chefs were thinking when they created the dishes. It was just ... pleasant.

In the end, Howie, er, I mean Rick wins the Quickfire with his Sloppy D'Oh!