Team Top Chef's Editor thinks maybe the 'Simpsons' guys should be judges every week!

May 12, 2010

Onto the Elimination Challenge: The chefs had to create exotic surf and turf dishes for none other than Bizarre Foods' Andrew Zimmern. I love his show, and somehow whenever I turn it on it always seems to be the Korea episode where Andrew and his culinary tour guides eat coagulated blood ... and I proceed to vomit in my mouth. As much as I'd like to think I'm adventurous with food, I'm not THAT adventurous (although I did eat pig's head last night, and yum!) Apparently, Marcus is though. When he listed the things he grew up eating -- cockroaches, etc. -- I lost it. Marcus wins the award for eating the grossest s--- ever. (By the way, I love Marcus' plaid pants -- he also wins the "Most Stylish in the Kitchen" award in my book.)

The chefs must cook dishes from the "exotic" foods that our very own Season 3 chefs had to cook with -- geoduck, black chicken, etc. Although Tre won that challenge in his season, if I recall correctly Hung, like Susur, thought he had an advantage being Chinese and growing up with the dishes. Luckily for Susur, it paid off. Although the judges didn't think that Susur's filo package was worthy of the rest of his plate, I knew he had it when they called the rest of his dish "genius." Rick was a close second, playing to his strengths. Poor Jonathan was almost on the chopping block, admittedly in a fog this challenge. His fried duck tongue may have saved him. Susan benefited from well-fried sea cucumber as well. Although I don't doubt their flavor, I always think back to Padma's comment that a fried toe would taste good. It just seemed too easy to me.

Unfortunately, Jody Adams didn't have the same luck. Her goat was underdone and the chowder just didn't connect like she thought it would. Honestly, I thought her chowder idea was a solid one. I knew very little about Chef Adams before the show started (She studied with Julia Child?!), but I want to know more, and I am anxious to eat in her restaurant. I just know it will be a memorable culinary experience.

So, what say you? Should the Simpsons guys be judges every week?! Should Tony have been less understanding about Susur's bacon fact thievery? Who do you have picked to win the whole thing?

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