Team Top Chef's Editor explains whys he agrees with Ludo -- Jonathan Waxman is a true Master.

Apr 24, 2010

Perhaps my two favorite moments of the entire episode were when Real Housewife Lynne asked if Rick's Quickfire dish was frozen yogurt. Honestly, there may have been some on her strawberry shortcake, but the way it was edited, with a look of confusion on Rick's face immediately following her statement, I died of laughter. The fact that she couldn't pronounce the word "edamame" only made the moment more hilarious. Also, the Magical Elves did a great job of putting together that little package about Chef Waxman talking to his food. It was so weird, yet so endearing.

Next week, the chefs cook for the motherf---ing cast of Modern Family! This should be pretty amazing. Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson was on Watch What Happens Live this past week with fellow guest Bethenny Frankel, and he was hilarious, so if it's a taste of what's to come during next week's episode, I can't wait! Watch this after-show we taped with him, and you'll see what I mean.:



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