Burning Questions

The eliminated chef has no regrets about his final dish.

Apr 27, 2011

I left the show sadder and somewhat poorer for the experience, but certainly and sadly, not surprised. The judges acted as the worst stereotype of someone living in the US today would have. They did what was expected, easy and understood. If they had acted differently in this challenge, we would have perhaps discovered that the pandemic of obesity is losing its grip form our midst.

The judges judgement only tells me that we are far away still from where we need to be as a nation talking about health and wellness. We have many big bridges to still climb. We need more such challenges and more losses like mine, and more clients like mine to wake us up and lead our way to a place of less obesity and more wellness for all.

Bravotv.com: Hugh Acheson seemed pretty annoyed about your comments about red meat. How do you feel about what you said now?
SS: Hugh took my commentary as my statement about him and his dish. But using his dish as an example, since it was in front of the judges, i was painting a broader picture for them. I am denser than a fudge brownie. I should have kept quiet. We are not a people that like preachy characters. I come from a country where debates, difference in opinion, altercations for a greater purpose and difference in general are considered the very bastions of democracy that separate us from a mere dictatorship or a lethargic community with nothing vital.

Hugh must have felt quite wonderful with the reaction my comment about red meat incited from Curtis Stone. He seemed to think it was OK to give someone red meat if it fell under the calorie constraints. I disagree and hope Hugh and Curtis can spend some time understanding that yes, calories are important, but quality of calories is just as important. It is not all about what calories you ingest, it is even more greatly about the kinds of calories we ingest and where they come from.

Hugh is a very talented chef. It was an honor to have worked alongside him twice -- when we first started and when he came back. I would be honored to work with him again. I hope he can forgive me my using his dish as an example. But as sorry as I am to have hurt his feelings, I would have still made  the point about red meat, perhaps using another dish, maybe not his, if that were in front of my eyes.