Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone shares his love of cheese, and explains why The Biggest Loser Elimination Challenge was a personal one for him.

on Apr 29, 2011

A balance of flavor and texture is so important to any dish. But when you’re cooking low-calorie dishes, it’s a real test of creativity as the chef has to think outside the box, using fresh and dried herbs, spices and lemon juice for added flavor. Floyd did this masterfully with his buffalo meatballs. Another trick is to use more flavorful varieties of high-calorie foods so you can get away with using less. George did this beautifully with the addition of smoked mozzarella on his whole wheat veggie pizza.

In the end, I really admire Suvir for taking a stand for what he believes in. Unfortunately, the critics thought his veggie burger was the weakest dish. To get people to eat healthier, it’s important to work with their particular taste buds and Suvir missed the mark a little with this challenge. That being said, I will miss his sharp sense of humor and his delicious food. I can’t wait to enjoy more at his restaurant, Devi. Best of luck, Suvir!

Bon Appétit,