Team Top Chef

Hugh Acheson returns, Kelis judges a Quickfire, and Mad Men's Christina Hendricks presents a '60s-era challenge to the chefs.

Apr 13, 2011

Oh my little Sterlings, Coopers, Drapers, and Prices, welcome back to one of my most highly-anticipated episodes of the season.

Let's start with the Quickfire Challenge where the one-and-only Kelis served as guest judge. I had no idea she was a trained chef, or, frankly, that she ever wore buttoned-down shirts with cardigans, but, man, did she piss off some of the chefs. As the chefs created their take on the meatball, many didn't agree with Kelis' comments. I'm obviously going to choose to because she was the one eating the food. The adorable John Currence won Kelis over with his Vietnamese meatballs. I have to say I didn't really "notice" John in the first episode, but I think he's becoming a new favorite of mine -- he just seems like such a sweetheart!

And, I love a good meatball. The meatball has/is becoming one of those trendy items in NYC, like the cupcake. I have in the past and will continue to recommend heading to Meatball Shop if you get a chance. Specifically, I recommend the pork meatball smash... with a side of mashed potatoes or something... and a root beer. Mmm. Also, obviously, I can't think of meatballs without thinking of Harold Dietere's signature duck meatballs at Perilla, which I still order every single time I eat there (which is more often than I care to divulge.) That broth! The gnocchi! Sigh. Tell me: where are your favorite meatballs?