Team Top Chef

Hugh Acheson returns, Kelis judges a Quickfire, and Mad Men's Christina Hendricks presents a '60s-era challenge to the chefs.

Apr 13, 2011

For the Elimination Challenge the glorious Christina Hendricks and her husband Geoffrey Arend, a fine actor in his own right, issued the chefs with a challenge. Now before I get to the challnege I have to disclose that i am an obsessive Mad Men fan. Not only have i had food-themed premiere parties the past two seasons, but I actually dressed as Joan two Halloweens ago. Look!

This obviously would be me as Joan as a Top Chef Masters judge:

OK, now we can talk about things you actually care about, like the challenge. The chefs had to modernize classic '60s dishes, dishes that Hendricks and her husband are somewhat over. Everyone seemed to be familiar with the dishes they were given except for Floyd, who got "ambrosia," which literally means "food of the gods." Anyone taking one look at the sample we provided would know that the gods apparently had horrible palates. (Oh, hubris!) But, Floyd made it work, creating a dish inspired by his wife. The other chef that seemed to be at the greatest handicap was Suvir, who doesn't eat meat, sooo he couldn't taste his dish. I was actually surprised at how seemingly unconcerned by the fact that he never tastes his meat dishes. Maybe I'm ignorant -- perhaps this is normal for a vegetarian chef? I'm assuming any chef with a dietary restriction has had to make something they couldn't taste before. School me, people! Floyd actually almost went home for his veal, though, as it was described by the judges as "mystery meat."