Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone defends Debbie Gold's salad.

on Aug 1, 2012


This week’s episode gave new meaning to the quickie Vegas wedding. In our case it wasn’t the happy couple who was rushing to the altar, but our chefs, who had just 24 hours to cater a wedding—complete with a multiple-tiered wedding cake!

I’ve catered a wedding before and, let me tell you, it takes months—not hours—to pull it off. And even with that kind of cushion, it’s a mad dash to get the food done. Our chefs didn’t have that kind of time. Jay and Christine were getting married the next day and they wanted the traditional spread, from cocktail reception with passed apps to a sit-down meal, dessert and cake. If there was ever a couple that deserved a dream wedding it was Jay and Christine. The tragic death of Christine’s maid of honor and the loss of their deposit had left them seriously rattled. 

We’ve all been to those weddings where the food is pretty terrible. With our 10 talented chefs, it wasn’t going to be that kind of wedding. The only question I had was whether their creative visions could come to life in the short time they had to prepare.