Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone revels in Chris cosentino and Kerry Heffernan's finale dishes.

on Sep 26, 2012

The win this season could have gone either way. The food from both of these chefs from beginning to end was amazing. Kerry’s dishes showed off his unbelievable talent for making food that’s so perfectly prepared, it’s a joy to eat. His apology letter, the Flan of Sugar Snap Peas with Prosciutto, Morels and Chervil melted in my mouth. Chris’ four courses were pure Chris, which is to say proudly, boldly, and gloriously made with entrails. There’s a reason he’s called the Offal King, after all. I loved that he fashioned his letter to himself, the Blood Sausage, Poached Oysters, and Egg, as his last supper. The simplicity of the plate felt honest and surprising. 

Ruth put it well when she said that the very different styles of these two chefs raised the question, “Do you want to be comforted or thrilled?” And truth is, I want both—at different times and depending on my mood. But this week, it was Chris’ passion, riskiness, and wholehearted dedication to who he is that put him on top. Congratulations, Chris! It was a stunning meal.

I’d also like to give a huge round of applause to all the chefs who stepped out of their lives to come to Las Vegas and compete for charity.  You made it an amazing season, and it’s been a pleasure to eat so much of your beautiful food week after week.