Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone defends his reaction to Dita Von Teese.

on Aug 29, 20120

Food is sexy. I realize I may be biased. As a chef, I find everything from salmon roe to russet potatoes pretty seductive. But there’s a reason some foods have been widely accepted as aphrodisiacs—they’re just undeniably luscious. The same could be said for Dita Von Teese, our guest judge for the Quickfire Challenge. Aside from the obvious, what really made her sexy was how much she loves food. Naturally I was a bit ruffled. What chef isn’t a total sucker for a girl who likes to eat?

At this point in the competition, the Elimination Challenge needs to be seriously challenging if it’s going to rattle any of these amazing chefs. This week’s challenge fit that bill. In the real world, a pop-up restaurant would take weeks of planning. And the chef would ideally serve food within his or her comfort zone. Our chefs had one day, and besides Patricia, little to no experience with Thai cuisine.

Proving that everything has an upside, our chefs got a crash course from the best. Lotus of Siam is arguably the best Thai restaurant in the U.S. Way off the strip, in a nowhere strip mall, this unassuming restaurant serves some of the most exciting Thai food I’ve eaten outside of Thailand. If you go, don’t miss the Issan Sausage, a grilled sour pork sausage. It’s outstanding.


It was fun watching you blush on this episode, I must say!  The other chefs had a good laugh too.  You are always so cute up there with the guest judges and always surprise me with the final decision.  I'm always sure from the discussions that it will be someone else.  Are you sure you aren't trying to hold on to two women for some reason?  The last two episodes I thought for sure one of the women was going home.