Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone understands why the Blue Team took a chance with their ingredients.

on Jul 27, 2012

It’s so interesting to see one team of master chefs hedge its bets, while the other decided that even with innovation, certain key flavors can’t be missed when you’re trying to serve a particular culture’s food. The Red Team’s decision to send Art back for cilantro for their Mexican buffet turned out to be wise. Their food showed off the freshness of the cuisine. With the talent on the Blue Team, it’s understandable that they would bet on getting by. But without the vibrant layers of spice that’s characteristic of Indian food, their dishes were way too bland.

It’s so incredibly difficult to be the first chef to leave Top Chef Masters. All of these chefs are so skilled and experienced. Sue’s chicken had spice, which made it lively, but it was dry. As Ruth stressed, a typical yogurt marinade would have made that dish Indian and likely would have kept Sue in the game.

We were all so sorry to see Missy leave the competition. I was looking so forward to tasting her food. She’s an amazing chef, and I hope she’ll be back in a future season to battle for Top Chef Master.