Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson explores the teppanyaki mystique.

on Aug 8, 2012


So Debbie left last week in the wedding debacle, but regardless the chefs probably served the best wedding food ever, because let’s be honest, wedding food usually sucks. 

So back to the Cosmopolitan, where we are shown an ice block tundra with Winterlude of fish. The chefs are told that they are not allowed use of heat, so cruda it is. Cosentino points out that Takashi probably has a definitive advantage in this challenge, but I think this is profiling. I can see the logic, cause Takashi is a sushi chef. In a similar vein, I would probably jump to the assumption that Gidget Chipperton would win the Doritos Taco Challenge. Brian Boitano is guest judging, and if he doesn’t do a triple axel I am outta here. 

Kerry gets his charity explained right off that bat which worries me… Sometimes that’s a sign of bad things to come. Then again I think that the Magical Elves are onto my thoughts. 

Cosentino is doing a pulverized charcoal drawing with a mackerel brush. Thierry is doing a geoduck dish. Takashi has been lollygagging around and leaves everything until the end, but let’s remember he is a sushi chef. This is like riding a bike made for him. Patricia thinks Brian knows what he’s talking about which is a good trait in a judge. Clarke, who does look like the monster from Rocky Horror (hat tip to commenter from last week), makes an oyster dish worthy of an oyster bar grand opening. Those Maine guys and their seafood. Mark nails it with the lobster, making this one happy competing couple.