Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson comments on the new Kerry Heffernan, Patricia Yeo's misstep, and Chris Cosentino's win.

on Sep 13, 2012

Three’s company but four is a crowd. 

After Takashi went home last week we have quickly realized the depth of character that he brought to the show. His calm demeanor and skillful food seemed to act as a calming force to all involved. Now we are down to a cat fight, aloof Kerry, and Wolverine’s sidekick, Chris

Patricia looks tired. Heck, they all look tired. So it’s a pantry/hot line team scenario where they can’t leave their zone and must help each other to make their food. Patricia and Chris are team MUSTARD YELLOW and Lorena and Kerry are in a baby blue apron ensemble that makes Lorena look like a study in pastels.

Kerry makes a list for the pantry runs in short staccato outbursts separated by 30 seconds per item. Lorena is dancing and prancing in response, but this is not a very efficient way of working this challenge out. You really do get the idea early that Kerry has interpreted this challenge as follows: you are an ill-communicating executive chef who has a frenetic extern to assist you. Cook. This is a disaster for Lorena. She is watching the time tick by and her rice fails to appear on the plate. Kerry meanwhile has really concentrated on his dish.