Hugh Acheson

Hugh ponders the finale's classic chef vs. bravado chef and admits which dishes he wishes he could have made.

on Sep 26, 2012

The fine table has some crazy big names of people who, with their keyboards, have blessed and cursed many restaurants. Oh critics.

Jane Goldman
Alan Richman
John Curtas
Alan Sytsma
Karen Brooks
Lesley Bargar Suter
the Oseland
Ruth Reichl
Krista Simmons
Francis Lam

We learn quickly that Alan Richman got laid a lot back in the day thanks to Julia Child’s cheese souflle, but never in New Orleans, cause EVERYBODY hates that guy in NOLA. Everybody. Google that too. Lots of googles tonight.

Kerry has made a spot prawn and scallop rendition of Jjigae, a dish he once wooed his wife. It’s an ode to her Korean heritage and the love letter part of his meal. Alan Richman says something and nobody listens. Lesley would let Kerry get to first base. Just then Kerry remembers he’s married.

Chris has put his heart on the plate with beef tartare with foie and puffed tendon. Looks good. Looks familiar. We serve something very similar at Empire State South in Atlanta. Come. I will feed you.

Second course. . .Chris is yelling at Manfred but you get the feeling that it’s more a matter of putting on a show than much ado otherwise.
How do you apologize in food? Kerry does the pea, morels, ham thing. Chris tears up with his second course apology to his wife. Scallop with pancetta.
Kerry is killing this. Have I underestimated Kerry’s mad skillz abilities through an entire season? I may have people, I may have.
Chris’ dish gets mixed reviews. Chow Jane thinks it’s salty. Ruth thinks it’s sexy. Ruth is such a minx in spanx. Kerry double dipping with a big ladle.
Third course from Chris is tripe Napolitana, an ode to Grandma. Looks good. Looks hot.