Hugh Acheson

Hugh ponders the finale's classic chef vs. bravado chef and admits which dishes he wishes he could have made.

on Sep 26, 2012

Kerry has an ode to his family and Cape Cod. It’s a branzino with clam ragout and mustard greens. Chow Jane likes Kerry’s dish

John Curtas continues the trend of men as critics being complete douchebags when he rails against Chris’ egg dish but don’t you worry, Lam has is playing contrarian and gives Chris’ dish a resounding thumbs up as a retort to the douchebag’s comments. We like Francis. I like the egg dish. Gutsy.

Kerry’s final dish looked a lot like a dish I would think through (we are very similar in style) and then not pull off as well as I would have liked to. How’s that for honesty? I think he probably feels the same way. It’s good but maybe not a winner winner chicken dinner.

This is kind of a matter of classic chef vs. bravado chef, which is a very interesting idea and one that we see a lot in the bizness. I am in the middle. I think there is room for both on the spectrum of restaurants and chefs that are sheer awesomeness.

Guts prevailed. $141000 for MJFox Foundation. We have a winner. Both gents should be very proud of how far they got.

Great season. Fun. Great cooking. Good peeps.

Top Chef premieres Nov 7. Watch me. Watch me. WATCH ME.

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This is a good conversation and one important to our restaurant landscape.