Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson will not be showing this episode to his children.

on Aug 29, 2012

The sextet eats it up and enjoys immensely. You see the gears working hard in some of their heads, but some are just eating and gabbing. This is a crucial point to the competition, as some chefs will revel in capturing these flavors in their dishes and some will just wing it. Art, I am talking to you. Art?

That crispy sausage rice rocks. We totally ripped off that dish at one of my restaurants cause we loved it so much. But we pay homage to the source when we serve it. 

Shopping is uneventful unless you like to watch Lorena say "kaffir" thirty times. 

Prep is very eventful though. They decide on Lorena and Art to be front of house and Lorena doesn’t like it at all. Patricia decides that the best way to make Lorena feel more comfortable is to yell at her with a very condescending tone. Lorena does not like this at all and gets really pissed. The Elves then subtitle Chris, like he’s suddenly speaking Esperanto. 

Service time! Kerry is not really exceling at the expeditor role. He’s confusing everyone. Art is walking around like a Southern John Cleese. Saipin and her daughter are in the house with James, Francis, and the pale guy from Grub Street. 

Lorena’s soup is up first. I love Thai soups. Spicy and sour and limey. Yum. Chris has made a lamb larb. 21-day dry aged lamb. I’d eat both of those things with gusto. Alan doesn’t like the soup’s garnish, but he’s always a bit pesky and picky. The larb is not getting rave reviews from Saipin, but Francis loves the idea. Francis has had the best judge's comments so far this season, with really heartful and informative reactions. Good pick, Elves. 

Art is giving us cashew crusted chicken with crispy rice salad and a lemongrass vinaigrette. Takashi has made a curry with shrimp and crispy noodles. Art’s food looks like a weird all-you-can-eat mountain. Kind of Ponderosa in Bangkok. Takashi’s yellow curry is enjoyed, but Saipin doesn’t like anything. She is so tired of these white people ripping off Thai flavors and wants to go home.