Krista Simmons

Krista Simmons shares even more details of Art Smith's cake.

on Aug 1, 2012


I'll come right out with it: wedding shows are my weakness. I'm not quite sure why, since I'm as single as they come, but I could zone out on those programs for hours, living vicariously through the bride-to-be and the trials and tribulations she overcomes on the road to a “perfect” wedding. It's not the fairytale that fascinates me; it's the attention to detail -- from the floral arrangements and the stationary to the menu and the music, down to the last note. So when I found out Top Chef Masters would be throwing a Vegas wedding, I was tickled pink. Of course, the main source of my excitement, as it usually is, was the food.

Normally, the culinary offerings at weddings are lackluster at best. (Well, unless you have Tom Colicchio doing your catering, like Kerry did for his wedding. Lucky guy.) But with a team of top notch chefs on the case, I knew the other judges and I were in for a real treat. 

The poor Masters, on the other hand, had to jump through some hoops. They were given just a few moments to consult with Christine and Jay, the bride and groom, before sorting out the minutiae of their wedding day. The chefs even had to pick color schemes for their chargers and napkins! With just four hours of prep time the day before the wedding, and two hours before service, the Masters muscled through, creating a Filipino-inspired menu to suit the couple.