Krista Simmons

Krista Simmons shares even more details of Art Smith's cake.

on Aug 1, 2012

Another bold move was Theirry's blood soup. It takes a lot of guts to go up against grandma's recipes, but he did so with conviction, and succeeded. Even though it wasn't piping hot when it arrived, it was a real crowd pleaser. And that's no minor feat considering our table. One thing that didn't really come through in the editing was what tough critics the guests were. They make me look tame! 

We may have had dissenting views on some of the dishes, but we all felt for Art when he wheeled out that wedding cake, which he literally had to hold up for the couple, tears welling up in his eyes. All of the guests' hearts went out to him at that moment. Art is just a teddy bear with the kindest heart, and all he wanted was to add that special Smith sparkle to their special day. (And I do mean sparkle. We were still finding disco dust from the cake on our faces days later!)

Watching the episode, it was special to see the back story: Despite Chris and Art's bickering in this episode and throughout prep time, Chris and Patricia sprung into action when Art's pineapple (literally) upside-down cake went lost its balance.