Krista Simmons

Krista Simmons comments on Chris Cosentino's behavior towards Art Smith.

on Aug 8, 20120

Just watching Chris' outburst over Art moving his mandolin made me uncomfortable. There is nothing more awkward than dining in a restaurant with an open kitchen that's run by a chef that's a “screamer,” as they're called in the industry. Customers don't want to see your beef unless it's medium rare and served with a side of mashed potatoes. We all deal with enough of that drama in our daily lives, and there's no need to put it on display in such closed quarters like Chris did. Dining out is supposed to be an indulgent, relaxing experience. And trust me, being on the receiving end of a chef's rant is no fun. I've been there. So whenever I'm in a restaurant with one of these “screamer” chefs that tee off on their line, my instinct is to run over and  give them all a big hug.

I was so impressed by Art, who showed the utmost grace under fire. Even while his grit cakes fell apart under the flame and he was being barked at by Chris, he stayed cool as a julep. And he managed to bring that Southern belle flare to the teppan, which was just plain fun to watch. 


If last season is any guide, then after 6 episodes the Real Housewives of New York is now one third of the way through its 5th season. Like 50% of its cast, this retooled season, is still trying to it find its footing and we’re not sure whether the London trip helped or hindered that. With both Ramona Singer & Aviva Drescher staying behind in New York