Ruth Reichl

Chris Cosentino and Patricia Yeo's collaboration in the kitchen reminds Ruth Reichl of her own culinary experiences.

on Sep 12, 2012

Although Patricia overintellectualized her food, allowing ideas to trump flavor, I was impressed with the reach of her picnic. Her salad was wonderful: sweet, sharp, a fine mix of flavors and textures.  And it was, above all, original. That bison was a nice idea, too, an interesting take on cold steak, and I liked the chile jam. The problem was that they didn’t seem to have much to say to one another.  As for the flat bread, that was, flat out, a bad idea. And it was the flatbread that sent her home.

Kerry’s food was smart, I’ll give him that. I especially liked the progression, the way the intensity of the flavors built.  I admired the cold cauliflower soup, which was both smooth, tasty, and lovely. The green bean and orzo salad was nice.  The chicken skewer? Pleasant enough. But like Lorena’s, not even close to what you want from a true master chef. 

For me, the best moment in this entire show comes at the very end. As Patricia walks out the door she says, “Help each other out.” A class act.