Team Top Chef's Senior Editor points out some of the more amusing moments of the chefs' wedding challenge.

on Aug 1, 2012

[Editor's Note: Yes, my blog title is a vague attempt at tipping my hat to the XXX Olympics Games in London!]

Hello, my little Jordan almonds! Sorry -- that's all I think about at weddings. This week, we forewent (I'm pretty sure that's a word) the Quickfire because we had quite a time-consuming Elimination ahead of us -- a wedding! In come Jay and Christine, a couple with a very sad story. Christine's Maid of Honor -- and Jay's sister --  passed away before their original wedding date, so they cancelled it. Then, when they tried to plan the wedding again, the venue closed. Come on! So, the chefs band together to give this couple a day they'll never forget (for good reason this time.) It was heartwarming to see how much the chefs genuinely cared about the couple's happiness. 

The couple gives the chefs some direction in that they're Filipino so the menu should be "Asian" (Oy.) and that pig and even pig's blood are traditional. And that the wedding cake is very important. We learn a lot of things about the chefs' wedding experiences, most notably that Art created Lady Gaga's 25th birthday cake and Chris cooked for his own wedding. Did you catch his old blue hair?! Also, Thierry won over his wife with croque-en-bouche. No comment. Susur Lee actually made a traditional croque-en-bouche in Season 2. Who remembers? Anyway, Filipino food is pretty trendy right now, so this should be an exciting challenge.

The chefs head to the grocery store, which I really think is the most stressful part of the whole challenge. Although, this trip was successful for some and not others. Kerry didn't get all the crab he thought he'd need, while Chris made Takashi go long for pork belly!