Team Top Chef's Senior Editor points out some of the more amusing moments of the chefs' wedding challenge.

on Aug 1, 2012

As the chefs begin to cook, the chefs give the couple a little tasting. The part about this that caught my eye was how Kerry had the couple taste the fresh sweet corn. I just met Kerry for the first time this week, where I had the pleasure of sampling the goodies from his backyard in Sag Harbor, and he is just like how he was in that moment on the show -- excited about frseh food and wanting to teach others. A small moment but i think it revealed a lot about who he is as a chef. Also, Kerry revealed that not only was Tom Colicchio his best man but he cooked for his wedding too!

Another small moment that revealed a lot was Clark getting mad when Thierry started moving stuff from his cart. Clark has a little temper -- who knew?! (besides Mark.)

On to the wedding! The judges were just so cute with the couple -- I laughed out loud when Ruth said, "May you live happily forever." I really don't know why. Was I the only one?!

The chefs sample Patricia's mackerel ceviche, which was met with rave reviews. I don't love mackerel, but I think i just haven't had a good one yet. Thierry made the classic pork blood soup; Clark disappointed a little with his lettuce wrap (notthe bride, though, who loved them), and Takashi presented apparently a very scrumptuosu steam bun. My favorite steam bun is still the one our own Top Chef Hung used to serve at Ajna Bar. It was more of a pulled pork than pork belly inside, and it was awesome. And although Kerry thought he wouldnt' have enough crab, he did and everone loved his dish. I'm sure losing that canned crab was a blessing in disguise.