Team Top Chef's Senior Editor points out some of the more amusing moments of the chefs' wedding challenge.

on Aug 1, 2012

Now it's time for the other chefs to present their courses, but not before we start to see Art worrying about his cake and his soft frosting. I've been in that boat where your frosting can't stand up to the cake you've made -- it's not fun. But first, Debbie presents her grilled salad. I love a grilled salad. In fact Hugh Acheson give a great crisp kale recipe in his Epicurious column for one. It's not made on a grill, but it's the same sort of concept. Apparently Curtis was the only one who liked Debbie's salad though. I have to say the minute Debbie said her grilling would provide enough acid, I was worried for her. If you want a traditional green papaya salad -- like the one Debbie was most likely planning to make --  try this 80 Plates recipe out. 

Clark's salmon was raw for the judges. Bummer. And that was after the other chefs told him he didnt have enough time to put it back in the oven when he wanted to. Wonder what would've happened if he actually hadn't!

He did have one fan in an adorable little kid who proclaimed, "How can you hate Chinese noodles and salmon -- that is the perfect combination." Awww.

Later at Judges' Table, James would describe how raw the fish was to Clark? He just kept saying "raw." I rewound this twice. 

Chris made adobo that everone seemed to love. Lorena made flan, which is anything but Asian, but OK. 

Before the cake came out, Christine showed Curtis the memorial table, honoring her MOH and Jay's sister -- I lost it. I can't imagine how bittersweet that day was for everyone.

Finally, the cake came, and the look on James' face was priceless. He turns to Ruth and says, "Oh shit!" and starts laughing. I love thes off-the-cuff moments from our judges. The cake was truly a leaning tower. But more than that, James was upset there was none of the glaze you expect from that kind of cake. But, the groom loved it. And in the end, that's all that matters -- the bridge and groom were happy.