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Kerry and Lorena winning the Quickfire, Patricia going home -- what does it all mean?!

on Sep 11, 20120

Bienvenue sur mon blog! (Shout-out to Kerry!)

Let's put last week's episode behind us -- as entertaining as it was, Lorena and Patricia's drama left a bad tatse in my mouth, and I'd rather forget that Takashi -- the cutest guy in the world -- went home. So, it's fitting that this week's episode is all white. A blank slate if you will. But before we get to that, let's get in to the Quickfire Challenge. 

Did this week's Quickfire give anyone else a case of the Full Houses? I'm talking of course about this week's challenge where we sort of cruelly split the chefs into groups of two, put a line down the center of the kitchen, and only let one chef near the burners.

Patricia and Chris miraculously select each other, which left Kerry and Lorena as partners. Even though there hasn't been a real rift between these two, it has seemed a bit tense. And if there wasn't a rift before, there very well might be now. See, Chris -- who makes a duck dish -- and Patricia -- who makes one with tuna, work together splendidly. Even Lorena calls their collaboration "like heaven." Well then, we don't want ot know how she'd describe her own, so we'll just call it, um, difficult. Lorena needs to use the burners to make her salmon the same time Kerry needs them for his shrimp, so Kerry cooks Lorena's first, causing her to worry that it will be ruined by the time her dish is judged. Lorena says that she can handle multiple dishes on a burner at the same time, which makes me wonder why she didn't man the burners in the first place. I actually wonder if Kerry would have objected to that. Kerry does say "I'm in it every day for me."

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I'm glad Lorena won. Patricia was very nasty to Lorena; talking about her aloud; Lorena could hear her, but took the high road and never responded. WISH U LUCK LORENA

tiffitis 1 Like

Lorena could not choose to cook in the Quickfire because the knife said where you had to be and hers said Pantry.

Vickis 1 Like

I find Lorena difficult for anyone but Art to get along with.  I think the judges keep her around just to 'spice' up the show. I can't taste the food, but think Patricia is by far the superior chef.  If Lorena wins, I won't come back next season.  For me, this season is over.  Without Patricia, Thiery and Takashi, it has lost it's appeal.

Marti_W 1 Like

One thing I like the best about TC Masters is that they are normally respectful of each other and you can see the camaraderie.  That is where the drama is built (i.e. Takashi saying goodbye to his friend Thierry, etc).  So I found Patricia's sniping at Lorena to be really annoying.   Left a bad taste in my mouth, no pun intended.




 I agree with you. She was unnecessarily unkind. She carried it all through last week's episode and then started it all up again this week. I'm not sorry she's gone.