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Kerry and Lorena winning the Quickfire, Patricia going home -- what does it all mean?!

on Sep 11, 20120

The fat on Chris' duck seemed to be the biggest problem for his and Patricia's team, and although he made it seem like Curtis and the guest judge just didn't like duck fat, it really didn't look rendered enough for my liking either. 

Kerry and Lorena nab the win. Sooo, since I learn everything from Top Chef and Top Chef Masters, I'm searching for a lesson in Kerry and Lorena's win. Not listening to your partner gets you a win? Bookies love pasta? Who knows! It was in fact Kerry's dish that won it for their team because when our Eugene Levy doppelganger guest judge announced the win, he literally sid "Kerry and Patricia pasta." Hey, there was salmon there too! To be fair, if Lorena is very particular about her rice, perhaps she shouldn't' have attempted to make it. Kerry is thrilled about his win, somehow channeling an elderly Jewish woman, with the line "Mr. Heffanan, hitting his stride late in the game." Me thinks he's seen Crossing Delancey one too many times. (If you've never seen it, do!)

On to the Elimination Challenge, where the chefs would participate in a Diner en Blanc. I'd actually never heard of the tradition before, but after a bit of research, I learned it's quite popular and seems like fun! So basically, it's a high-end picnic, sans sandwiches. Joey Tribbiani would not be into a Diner en Blanc. The chefs are psyched -- Chris is ready for whatever "art project" this is, and Lorena Garcia thinks she's the one to beat. Just ask her. She said it. On the third person. Lorena, we've talked bout this. (Also, does :orena kinda look like Celine Dion? I just noticed that this week, but can't tell if I'm crazy or not. I'm sure you'll let me know in the Comments below.)

The biggest hurdle in this challenge, besides the large number of people they have to cook for, is that the food must stay overnight in takeaway boxes. I say "takeaway" and not "doggy bag" or "leftover," because I miss London and that's what they call leftovers there. If you've ever refrigerated your food leftovers for a night and looked at them again in the morning, then you have some understanding of what the chefs are dealing with. But even with these limitations, the chefs rise to the challenge. Antoher thing to remember is that it is effing hot out there -- Las Vegas in summer hot -- and the meal is being served outside, so there's that. I probably would've put some Coronas in a box and called it a day. But that's just me.

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I'm glad Lorena won. Patricia was very nasty to Lorena; talking about her aloud; Lorena could hear her, but took the high road and never responded. WISH U LUCK LORENA

tiffitis 1 Like

Lorena could not choose to cook in the Quickfire because the knife said where you had to be and hers said Pantry.

Vickis 1 Like

I find Lorena difficult for anyone but Art to get along with.  I think the judges keep her around just to 'spice' up the show. I can't taste the food, but think Patricia is by far the superior chef.  If Lorena wins, I won't come back next season.  For me, this season is over.  Without Patricia, Thiery and Takashi, it has lost it's appeal.

Marti_W 1 Like

One thing I like the best about TC Masters is that they are normally respectful of each other and you can see the camaraderie.  That is where the drama is built (i.e. Takashi saying goodbye to his friend Thierry, etc).  So I found Patricia's sniping at Lorena to be really annoying.   Left a bad taste in my mouth, no pun intended.




 I agree with you. She was unnecessarily unkind. She carried it all through last week's episode and then started it all up again this week. I'm not sorry she's gone.