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Kerry and Lorena winning the Quickfire, Patricia going home -- what does it all mean?!

on Sep 11, 20120

Before they serve, Patricia gets in one more jab at Lorena, saying she has a "bigger depth of knowledge and a bigger range in which to choose from." Eek! But then again maybe Patricia's just cranky -- since she'd apparently rather be ziplining, which you can watch her do HERE! We see the entire event get set up, all the diners brining their own tables, chairs, etc. Seems like a lot of work to me, but then again, I'm lazy. We meet the two founders of these dinners, and I might have a little crush on the Aymeric Pasquier. He's so perfectly groomed! But then again, i'm super-lazy. Lorena serves first with her chicken salad, potatoes, and jalapeno chocolate mousse. She wanted to mix it up by having a sweet main and a spicy dessert. I just bought a boatload of Jacquest Torres' wicked hot chocolate mix, so I'm all about a little spice in my chocolate. Ruth thinks maybe Lorena's dish was a little too sweet. Her potatoes were great, but the mousse's consistency changed overnight. Aymeric suggests adding cheese to it and Curtis gives him Curtis' kind of side-eye, where he's not really, but I imagine that in his head he's just thinking "Bitch, please."

Next we have Patricia, who came up with a pretty interesting inspiration for her dish -- Marco Polo's Silk Road route. Apparently the concept was great -- it was! -- but it wasn't executed well enough. Patricia bemoans the time difference between creation and serving, but everyone had the same time constraints. If your food would taste better hot, than make something else!

Now let's take out a moment to comment on the jester attacking all he women in sight. No means no, dude!

Chris' dishes were met with a warm reception, especially his pate. He was worried about it drying out, but it was perfect.

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I'm glad Lorena won. Patricia was very nasty to Lorena; talking about her aloud; Lorena could hear her, but took the high road and never responded. WISH U LUCK LORENA

tiffitis 1 Like

Lorena could not choose to cook in the Quickfire because the knife said where you had to be and hers said Pantry.

Vickis 1 Like

I find Lorena difficult for anyone but Art to get along with.  I think the judges keep her around just to 'spice' up the show. I can't taste the food, but think Patricia is by far the superior chef.  If Lorena wins, I won't come back next season.  For me, this season is over.  Without Patricia, Thiery and Takashi, it has lost it's appeal.

Marti_W 1 Like

One thing I like the best about TC Masters is that they are normally respectful of each other and you can see the camaraderie.  That is where the drama is built (i.e. Takashi saying goodbye to his friend Thierry, etc).  So I found Patricia's sniping at Lorena to be really annoying.   Left a bad taste in my mouth, no pun intended.




 I agree with you. She was unnecessarily unkind. She carried it all through last week's episode and then started it all up again this week. I'm not sorry she's gone.