Team Top Chef's Senior Editor breaks down the early competition.

on Jul 25, 20120

When the chefs arrive back to their kitchen, Curtis is there with scratch tickets. Some chefs get immunity -- Art and Debbie -- some lose 30 minutes cooking, some get $1000 extra bucks for their teams, and some have to switch teams! Not only that but the two teams get tickets revealing "Mexican " and "Indian," the two cuisines they'll be cooking. Since these cuisines have very distinct flavors, the chefs are allowed to send one team member back to shop for ingredients. While the Blue Team (Indian) doesn't what to lose the manpower, the Red Team sends Art. This decision baffles me as he was already the slowest person on the team before! But he goes. Don't worry -- I'll eat my words on this point later.

Almost immediately, Missy Robbins cuts herself on a mandoline and has no choice but to go to the hospital. We find out later she must get a skin graft and keep her finger immobilized for two weeks. Yikes. At the end of the episode Curtis offers her a spot on next season's show. I know this is nice and all and I wouldn't expect anything less, but this offer felt like when you complain to company about poor service and they just offer you coupons to come back. Liiike, why would I want that?! Hopefully Missy doesn't feel this way though and will come back for a next season!

Anyway, Red Team is now down a person, but has to make Missy's dish.


Eddie, I think Chris' dish was just called pork and beans but it was actually pork and frijoles w/ Mexican flavors not the sweet Boston style.


I was very surprised they didn't send someone to the store for spices and yoghurt at least.  I can't believe nobody knows how to make a curry or samosas.  I also can't believe world class chefs have never eaten Indian food because usually, if they can taste it, they usually can figure it out and duplicate it.


I'm putting my money on Chris Cosentino to win.  He's fierce as a chef and a competitor.


I love the show, however I do miss the other judges.

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Is there a reason why these judges have to be so arrogant, rude and condescending?  There is a way to tell someone there dishes aren't great without sounding like they are the slime on the bottom of your shoe. Just what are the qualifications of the judges - gee - they write about food.  That tells me nothing - other than they are academics that look down on other people and like to lord their knowledge over us lower beings and maybe, just maybe they might take pity and spare us a glance or a nod.


I would like to know who considers Pork and Beans Mexican food, I am of Mexican heritage and its a disgrace to say that you or anyone of your chefs consider that Mexican food, by that definition the French food should consider the french fry a french cuisine.  I am really disappointed that you as food critics or judges consider that Mexican food I know I have never seen it in any of my grandmother's recipes or any Mexican cook book.