Team Top Chef

Was Patricia's duck problem really Kerry's fault?'s Senior Editor doesn't seem to think so.

on Aug 29, 2012

On to the real beef -- again, in more ways than one -- of this episode, the Elimination Challenge. The chefs had to put together a Thai restaurant in a day. They were hauled to Lotus of Siam to see how it should be done. I've heard of Lotus of Siam and Curtis teased it when he visited Bravo HQ earlier this season, but i have to say, looking at all that Thaui food was making me drool. Unfortunately, I don't love the Thai food offerings in my area and my favorite place doesn't deliver to me! I will take this opportunity to make a small plug for a small restaurant owned by one of my best friends -- White Orchids in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. Tell them Monica sent you! Or don't because they might say, "Monica who?!" Also, be sure to order the money bags. They're not only my favorite, but they're fun to say. But I digress.

Anyway, some of the chefs were really worried because Thai food was so far out of their comfort zones, but they all rose to the challenge. Whlie Art and Lorena were sent to front of house, which honestly, was a good decision -- they are the most personable -- the other chefs were "line cooks." But before the guests even got there, the drama started. Although the tension between Lorena and Patricia had been brewing for awhile, it came to a head when Patricia yelled at Lorena for taking up too much stove space. "Please, Patricia, chill!" I've literally been saying that to everyone that will listen. "Please, Charlie, chill!" "Please, Stacy, chill!" Aren't you glad you don't work with me?! I have to say I could see this argument happening in any kitchen, but Patricia did seem kind of condescending. She's obviously just reached the end of her rope. But Lorena put on a happy face and greeted her guests with a smile, including the judges who were not only joined by Lotus of Siam chef, Saipin, but also her daughter/interpreter, and Alan Sytsma of Grub Street.