Team Top Chef

Was Patricia's duck problem really Kerry's fault?'s Senior Editor doesn't seem to think so.

on Aug 29, 2012
First, Lorena's dish. I honestly thought it looked ilke chicken/matzah ball soup before the fat's been skinned off the top. Too harsh? But, it was Pisco chicken! And honestly it just made me want a Pisco Punch from Pegu Club, one of my favorite drinks. So for that alone, Lorena gets my kudos. Chris attempted a larb tartare and won! Way to go, Chris! He was truly inspired by Saipin's food and you could tell... unless he calls everything he eats "intoxicting," which is entirely possible. I don't know him. Takashi was safe with curry and crispy noodles. Kerry made a a braised pork belly which was praised by Saipin for seemingly being the most authentic of all the dishes. And although Patricia's dish apparently would have been great had she cooked her duck long enough, she didn't. In fact, her duck was sent back by James. There are actually few things grosser than duck fat that hasn't been rendered correctly. Yuck. But it was Kerry's fault -- according to Patricia. I don't totaly buy that. Communication is a two-way street, or something less cliche. Then there was Art, who just didn't step outside his comfort zone enough to provide a truly Thai dish, and so he went home. We'll miss you, Art! And your Speedo! I hope you're serious about opening a restaurant with Lorena because I can't imagine a restaurant with bolder flavors or personalities!

Next week, Sugar Ray (the boxer not the band!) visits Top Chef Masters. Until then, Have a Nosh, and Learn to Fly.