Team Top Chef's Senior Editor was shocked to see Chris Cosentino on the bottom.

on Aug 23, 2012

(Sorry -- I couldn't help myself with the title of this recap.)

Welcome back my little playmates (lower case "p.") As exceptional as last week's episode was, one could probably call it pretty heavy. And this episode was the exact opposite -- it was all about fun.

First, Curtis presented the chefs with their Quickfire Challenge, to create a duo of meat and vegetarian fare for our guest judges, the Indigo Girls. I was pretty happy to see a vegetarian challenge because I know how strongly you, our loyal viewers, feel about it. It's probably the No. 1 comment I see posted to our blogs and @bravotopchef. So, yay?

Most of the chefs, I thought, really offered some great vegetarian options. But, of course, some had some trouble. First, there was Art, who may or may not have mixed up his vegetarian and meat fillings. But, the Indigo Girls loved his pies. Then there was Patricia, who didn't get her broth in her pho. When she had the Girls try it afterward, they loved it. Bummer. And then there was Thierry, who was told that his vegetarian option basically seemed like an afterthought.

On the other hand (the more positive hand), Kerry's chicken with olives and herb flan with olives were well-received. Lorena's arepas got scraped up off the plate! But, ultimately, Takashi found his noodle dishes on top! Not only does he get money but he gets immunity. Way to go, Takashi!

On to the Elimination Challenge! And we're presented with Holly Madison, most known for being Hugh Hefner's former girlfriend and star of The Girls Next Door. I am here to admit that I watched that show religiously. And even though I was a Bridget girl -- like me, she had her Masters in journalism -- Holly was always fun to watch. Now, she's in Vegas, starring in PEEPSHOW. i know this because, well, Curtis told us, and because i have watched Holly's World on E!. Hey, I said i'm a fan!