Team Top Chef

Patricia Yeo was a little mean, huh?

on Sep 5, 2012

Welcome back my little prize fighters. This recap is brought to you by the word "yuzu." What an episode, huh? I know I’ve probably written this in every recap I’ve written so far this season, but I think every episode is better than the last. This week’s episode started with a mise en place relay race -– my favorite of all the Quickfire Challenges. This time around the chefs had to crack eggs, shave cheese, and filet beef into perfect pieces weighing between 7.5 and 8.5 ounces. Lorena is particularly worried about this challenge, and I gotta say, I’m kinda worried for her. Chris, a possible frontrunner (at least in his mind), makes his filets too small and is immediately given the boot. As is Patricia. Takashi, the cutest man to ever grace this Earth, moves on. As does Kerry, leaving Lorena behind, but not disqualified. Kerry and Takashi move on to cook against each other with those mise en place ingredients. I watched this Quickfire Challenge hungry, which is always a mistake, and I have to say I wanted to dive into Takashi’s dish. I’m a sucker for a grilled vegetable, but Kerry was victorious! He dethroned the Immunity King! Kudos, Kerry.

With his win, he sat out the Elimination Challenge which was…

To compete in a head-to-head challenge. And not any head-to-head challenge but one in a boxing ring, judged by none other than Sugar Ray Leonard. I know I just said how cute Takashi is, but I have to mention how handsome Sugary Ray Leonard is.