Team Top Chef

Patricia Yeo was a little mean, huh?

on Sep 5, 2012

The first challenge is Chris vs. Takashi. Am I the only one who wished 50 Cent and Justin Bieber were there to walk the chefs in? Probably. Back to the challenge. The ingredient? Bacon! Everything is better with bacon. The two chefs help each other throughout the challenge when the other struggles, and I wonder if I would have done the same. I’d love to say yes, but who knows. In the end, Chris’ play on a Mexican breakfast wins over Takashi's dish. Chris will compete for the challenge win, leaving Takashi to cook again to just stay in the competition.

Next up is Lorena vs. Patricia. Patricia has made some pretty harsh comments this episode. While there were tense moments the last few episodes between these two, Patricia flat out questioned Lorena’s palate and knife skills -- them’s fightin’ words, and I kinda thought they were low blows. These two are just like oil and water -- I don’t think they'll be opening up a restaurant together any time soon. They too had to compete with bacon. And although Patricia finished first, even cleaning her station, Lorena won! This probably had to hurt Patricia. So Lorena is on to compete for the title and Patricia will eventually compete against Takashi to save herself. 

Next, we move on to Chris versus Lorena, and it seems everyone is cheering for Chris, but this time the ingredient is sugar! And everyone got worried. There has to be a savory dish that could've been made right? Tomato sauce? Something? Either way, both chefs went the dessert direction. Chris made a simple zabaglione and Lorena made chocolate cakes and grilled pineapple. I prefer fruit in my desserts -- I've never been a fan of soufflé or molten chocolate anything, so I would’ve loved Chris’ dish and half of Lorena’s. Again, Lorena wins! And we give her maybe the gaudiest belt known to man. Way to go, Lorena. You are our heavyweight champion!