Team Top Chef

In defense of Kerry Heffernan's teaching style.

on Sep 19, 2012

Hello my little students! Let's dive right in, shall we? This week's episode was truly all about communication. First, in the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs were greeted with a challenge they've seen before: they have to instruct a mystery partner -- standing on the opposite side of makeshift wall -- how to cook their dish. This time, the twist was that the partners were the judges! And this time, they pretended to have accents. Really, really horrible accents. If i'm not mistaken, the only judge without actual cooking experience is James -- I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong -- so I was actually fairly shocked when he ended up on the winning team. But it just goes to show how well Chris communicated across the wall. There's  actually a really amusing exclusive video of James' full reaction to the win. Watch it here:

After the win, the chefs are presented with their Elimination Challenge -- to teach students how to upgrade their fairly classic dishes. They were all "Partner, partner, let me upgrade you." Can you imagine if Beyonce were the guest judge for this challenge? Sorry -- I just got really excited at the prospect. The three chefs would be judged on the dishes created by their pupils, so basically their fate was in the kids' tiny hands. Actually they weren't that tiny -- these weren't toddlers for G-d's sake!