Team Top Chef

In defense of Kerry Heffernan's teaching style.

on Sep 19, 2012

The three chefs took very different approaches to teaching their students. First, there was Chris, who, I think, has a future in DJing smooth radio. He really wanted his students to learn techniques, and you could tell that being a chef in his kitchen is truly a learning experience. He knows that being a chef is more than cooking or telling people what to do -- it's making sure that when you're out of the kitchen, your vision can be executed. This is an important lesson for all managers in fact. Unfortunately, his students were so efficient that they plated early and his dish suffered, and he didn't get the win.

Next, we'll discuss Lorena, who as you can imagine, was very supportive. And although her slightly revamped lasagna was apparently delicious, it just wasn't different enough from the original. Ruth also made it very clear at the Critics' Table that it wasn't restaurant caliber. While i don't know if I agree with that, I would say her dish did seem to be the least original of the three offered. Ruth was sort of hilarious at Judges' Table, as was James' reaction to Ruth. He might as well have said "Why, Ms. Reichl, I do declare!" Apparently the spirit of his Quickfire accent never left him.