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In defense of Kerry Heffernan's teaching style.

on Sep 19, 20120

Then there was Kerry. As I"ve mentioned before, I think Kerry is a natural teacher. I saw this in just one visit to our office where he not only brought us food from his own backyard, but made sure he explained exactly what he was doing and taught us how to shuck oysters -- he certainly didn't have to do that. While it may have looked like Kerry was just demanding things of his students, his style probably most closely mirrored what it's like to be in a real kitchen, and frankly, his method is how I would've learned best. While it's important to be patient, these were high school kids, and can withstand a little pressure. And in the end, it paid off because Kerry and his kids won. So, he's moving on to the finale against Chris.

Sorry, Lorena! Although you're going home, please take solace in the facts that you earned a lot of money and this season wouldn't have been the same without you!

So, what do you all think of the final two? Until next week, HAVE A NOSH!


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I have been a teacher for 34 years and was  appalled with Kerry's "teaching style".  I know he is not a teacher, but  all he cared about was the win.  I do not buy into his comments about how wonderful an experience it was mentoring these students after the fact.  I did not feel he cared one iota about these kids learning anything.  He did not push these student in an effort to stretch their abilities.  He just told them what to do step by step to achieve the win


Chris on the other hand, who I have not liked since the beginning of the show, totally won me over!  He cared about his students, and did his best to strengthen their skills and understanding even if it cost him precious time and possibly the finale.  He treated them with respect and encouragement.  I cannot believe at this late date I have totally jumped on board with Chris but he  has shown us side to him that I totally respect. GO ALL THE WAY, CHRIS!