Curtis Stone

Curtis assesses the chefs' undesirable ingredients.

on Aug 28, 2013

Jennifer really got the rough end of the stick with melon and Brussels sprouts. I don’t know what I would make with melon and Brussels sprouts. It’s a total head-scratcher. Maybe I’d juice it and try to make the Brussels sprouts flavor go away by combining them with other juiced veges and fruits. That was a real tough one. 

Sue’s mac and cheese was a great idea in theory, but mac and cheese is either hit or miss, and unfortunately, she didn’t get it right. The dish was dry, too salty, and the pasta was overcooked. It just wasn’t good. 

We weren’t nice to Sue and Jennifer, sending them both packing, only to give them another chance in Battle of the Sous Chefs a few minutes later. Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions. We love this on Top Chef Masters, but of course you’ve figured that out by now.  

Until next week…