Gail Simmons

Gail ponders the troubles of chefs doing too much and shares how great it felt to celebrate Curtis and Lindsay.

on Aug 15, 2013 Let's start with the curry and beer Quickfire.
Gail Simmons: I loved it! I thought the Quickfire was so smart. First of all, I happen to love Goose Island beer -- not that I'm drinking any right now in my pregnancy! -- but it's really delicious, and I think it was a fun challenge to pair it with curry, and have Jason from KCRW be the judge. He's super cool.

Sidenote: When I was shooting Top Chef Masters, I went to KCRW and I did two spots on the radio -- one with Evan Kleiman, who's their food host, she has an amazing show called "Good Food." I also did their Guest DJ Project, where you have to choose five songs that represent your life. I love KCRW. It's a legendary radio station. I really wanted to eat Lynn's vegetable curry, Sang's Northern Thai curry, and Franklin's mussels, even though it looked like a bit of a jungle in there. What was it like on set for Curtis' surprise? How did this remain a secret?
GS: We found out just a few days before -- that's why they were able to keep it a secret. They didn't tell us! Our producers and Lindsay Price were so great about hiding it from him. There was a beautiful secret ballet going on around Curtis for three days. We were all really excited to make it a surprise. I believe Lindsay told him that she had an audition that day, so she could get out of the house early. It was really fun and I was just so happy that we could do it. He genuinely was surprised, and those really were all their closest friends, which was an emotional moment. It reminded me of when I had my wedding shower on Top Chef years ago. Actually, it will be five years ago this week! I also love that this episode showed some of that backstage action. You can see glimpses of our producers and Assistant Director's team managing everyone, getting everyone on-set, and a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes.