Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson assesses the finale dynamic between chefs and sous. 

on Sep 25, 20130

The have jumped from planes. The have listened to Sang go crazy. They have wrestled with food and each other. They have hung with Yo Gabba Gabba! They have done this all and more. 

Curtis is standing in his new restaurant, Iglesia de Stone. He is going to cook for the trio of Douglas, Jen, and Bryan. I think they could fit in a couple of more tables in the restaurant. Spot prawns a la Curtis look pretty good. Bryan is still sore about his brother winning back in the day. Chicken liver and then dessert. It’s a fast meal. It comes out that the space is actually now owned by Neal. Grace indeed. 

First dish needs to be something old, the second something new, the third something borrowed, and the fourth something sous. Bryan is happy because Graeme won with the lavender dessert frozen dome thing. Doug doesn’t have help in today’s day of prep. Sous chefs enter the sphere, and menu planning happens and then they go shopping. Douglas is smart and is phoning this one in. 

They shop around at various artisanal shops and Jen is already bossing Jorel around. This should be a long day for Jorel. Jenis a cacophonous soundtrack to life in the kitchen. She is a force, though, and will forge through despite the distraction of her own monologue. 

Douglas is in the Zen kitchen. Shibumi? How about Wabi Sabi? Google that. Jen and Jorel come in, and Jen tries to bowl Douglas over with the weapon of small talk. Douglas has his game face on, though, and he is clinging to his Zen focus. Bryan just called out how much direction Jen is having to give Jorel. This is a chef “burn.” Ouchie. 

“This is not Jorel world; this is Jen world.” Evidently, Jen world is like Waterworld where you have to fight everyday just stay alive. Or like Wallyworld which is never open. Or like Elmo’s World where voices annoy you. 

Bryan fashion photos through the ages include the pleated pants we all once wore on formal occasions. To honor this past, he is making pleated Chesapeake Chicken. 

Douglas is sweating dashi as he makes mussels. Not having Paul is a hurdle, but he seems to be in pretty good shape. 

Jen is making paella gnocchi and also ostracizing Jorel AT THE SAME TIME. 


I loved that Bryan included one of brother Michael's dishes in his Something Borrowed plate.