Team Top Chef

Ep 2: Exploring the relationship between Bryan and Franklin and their sous chefs

on Aug 1, 2013

Welcome back, my little crunchy shrimp heads!

I considered offering this as my recap this week:

But, well, that seemed a bit lazy. 

So, let's start at the very beginning. (Yes, a very good place to start.)

The episode started a bit differently this week, with the Masters invading their sous chefs' Battle of the Sous Chefs. The sous chefs faced their mise en place relay race -- a Top Chef classic. The catch this time is that all the other sous chefs must stop what they're doing once one of them is done, leaving the rest of the prep to their Masters. And so, the Masters are issued their Quickfire Challenge: to complete the mise en place and create a dish using the ingredients. They have 30 minutes. It's important to mention that not only is this the first official Quickfire of the season, but it's also an elimination Quickfire. The pressure is palpable. Since Sang's sous chef, Ted, won the Battle, Sang has immunity. Mazel tov, Ted -- you get to keep your job another week. Meanwhile, anyone else notice the intense knife briefcase Sang carries? That man means biznasssss. 

The sous chefs watch their Masters do what they do, and it's all worth it to hear Graeme yell to Bryan, "Chef, make sure everything's seasoned proper." We'll forget the improper adverb suffix for a moment (I am an editor, after all), and focus on The Bryan Voltaggio Laugh, which might be my favorite thing ever. I literally rewound this moment five times. I think this exchange actually said a lot about the relationship between Bryan and his sous. First of all, Graeme was obviously poking fun at the critique Bryan received on Top Chef Season 6 about his lack of salt use. Secondly, Grame felt comfortable enough to tease Bryan, knowing Bryan would find it amusing. And Bryan's response, "Thank you, Chef," really showed the respect Bryan has for Graeme. Or maybe I'm just looking too much into this. Either way, I love Bryan's laugh.