Team Top Chef

Curtis and his bride are like curry and beer. Wait, what?

on Aug 14, 2013

Hello, my little lovebirds. This week's episode is all about perfect pairings. What goes better with a spicy curry than a refreshing beer? Nothing. What goes better with a gorgeous Curtis than a gorgeous Lindsay? Nothing.

The Quickfire demanded the chefs to create curries in a hurry (Lynn's a poet and she didn't even know it!), specifically curries they could pair with Goose Island beers. Sang compares curry to an Arcade Fire. This makes so much sense. Win Buttler, the lead singer of Arcade Fire, is one of the most frightening performers on Earth. And we all know how much Sang Yoon frightens me

The chefs all make their best curries -- or in the case of Douglas Keane -- don't. While I applaud Douglas' constant aspiration to turn culinary preconceptions on their heads, Curtis and our guest judge, KCRW's Jason Bentley, wanted a real curry. Sidenote: I've been known (by me) to stream KCRW (since I'm in New York), so I was pretty pumped to see the stellar radio station -- a dying breed -- represented.

"Holly balls on crutches!" -Neal Fraser (who I'm renaming Neal Phraser, cause he really know how to turn one -- get it?!)

Don't worry, Neal -- you finished your dish in the allotted time. So, "Cheers, big ears," it's time to hear what the critics have to say. Jason makes a couple comments about Franklin and Jennifer's dishes being difficult to eat. Franklin assumes he's having trouble opening the whole mussels. I hope that isn't the case. Once again, Sang doubts his dish, lamenting his lack of basmati rice he sees Neal use. And so, Sang wins again. Sans rice. That's another $5K for his charity. Sang is, in fact, on fire. Arcade fire.

On to one of the most joyous Elimination Challenges we've ever witnessed on Top Chef Masters -- a surprise engagement party for Curtis Stone! "So, what's Curtis really like?" I'm so glad you didn't ask. I think this is the time where I can get pretty sappy and say that Curtis is every bit the charmer and sweetheart you see on TV. It's a treat whenever I get to see him. Oh, and does that boy have dance moves, which you might remember from last summer's Summer by Bravo promo spots.